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About Us

Nephron Corporation is an Independent and Family owned Dialysis Company. Established in 1990, Nephron corporation has grown steadily and now serving eight major cities in Northeast Suburban Atlanta.

We are not a fortune 500 Dialysis company or a big box chain. As a Family owned dialysis company, our patients are treated as family members. All of our patients receive individualized care with a strong emphasis on the patient and provider relationship. 

Our facilities are designed utilizing the most advanced healthcare standards to promote excellent outcomes. We promote compliance with decor and a relaxing atmosphere and through our staff who go through rigorous training on the newest Dialysis regulations trained and on bedside manner. 


Nephron Corporation is on a mission to provide the best dialysis experience that makes our patients feel at home and loved. 


We at Nephron Corporation hope to see a change in how dialysis facilities are created. We see a future where Facilities that focus on the patients experience,  will see positive clinical outcomes.

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